Programs & Services: Sarnia-Lambton

Programs & Services: Sarnia-Lambton

Chronic Pain Program

Chronic Pain Program

Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program

Evolve and Implement an individualized, multidisciplinary team approach for clients living with chronic pain, to obtain efficient access to health care services, while enriching quality of life through empowerment.

The VON Erie St. Clair Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program (CPMARP) is a LHIN funded program that aims to service people living in the areas  Windsor- Essex, Chatham-Kent and Sarnia-Lambton. The program provides services to people who are experiencing non-malignant chronic pain and provide them with pain management options and resources. Chronic pain affects all aspect of our lives, both physically and mentally. That is why the CPMARP clinical team is diverse with different disciplines and your pain will be examined or explored by any or by all of our clinicians.

The Nurse Practitioner and/or Registered Nurse will review your pain history, your completed diagnostic imaging and your medications. They will also review your past and present medical interventions and their effectiveness. A focused physical examination will be done when necessary.

Their findings will allow them to provide to both you and your healthcare provider medically based treatment options. Some possible examples of recommendations could include medication changes, various therapies, referral to specialists and specialized procedures.

Alternatives may include the teaching and the use of adaptive equipment like the use of a walker, a cane, or a reacher. Assistive devices will allow you to better function with the least amount of pain. Other potential recommendations may include the use of community wellness programs that will allow for exercise, strength or physiotherapy.

The Social Worker will provide support and education on how  pain affects your life to help you cope with the daily stress of living with chronic pain. Linking you to organizations that have supportive services for people living with chronic pain  may be a recommendation provided to you.

To participate in the CPMARP program it is necessary for you to be referred by either your primary health care provider or by a community health care agency. In addition you must also be deemed eligible.

To be eligible you must have:

  1. Non cancer related pain
  2. Not be considered end of life (palliative comfort care)
  3. And must have chronic pain greater than 3 consecutive months.

Please have your primary health care provider call 1-855-419-5200 to request a referral form. All clients must be referred. Once VON receives your referral, you will be contacted by the program’s Intake department and the necessary process will begin. You will be scheduled with the necessary appointments and assessed at any one of our assessment locations.

  • VON Windsor Essex Site: 8424 Wyandotte Street East
  • VON Chatham Kent Site: 100-190 Stanley Ave, Chatham
  • VON Sarnia Lambton: 1705 London Line, Sarnia

You will then be on your way to a personalized careplan and/or recommendation designed for you and your pain management needs. Let the VON Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program assist you with your pain management needs. Should you have any questions or inquiries you are welcome to call the Program Intake line at 519-945-2931 or toll free at 1-855-419-5200 option 4, Monday through Friday between the working hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m

Please click here to download and fill out the Community Agency referral form.

Please click here to download and fill out the MD/NP referral form.

Fax number: 1-855-492-2963

*Due to efficient processes, we are proud to note that on average, all clients within our Erie St. Clair District are seen by a clinical member of the team between 2-3 weeks upon referral acceptance.