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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT's) support people of all ages to participate in day to day living by helping them to do what they need and want to do in life.

In our Adult Community Care Program, we assist clients to restore or maintain independent self care (toileting, bathing, and dressing), home making, leisure activities and vocational pursuits following illness, injury or surgery. For the elderly adult, the goal is often to remain safely in the family home as long as possible. OT's assist people to move safely though the home by recommending equipment or home adaptations for toilet, shower or bath tubs and more! By creating personal strategies to maximize safety and improve independence our goal is to support clients in achieving what they want to enhance their quality of life.

In our School Support Program we work with students, their parents and teachers to support the development of independent self care (including self regulation, hygiene, feeding, and dressing skills), maximize engagement and participation in play and social activities and optimize learning. In the school program we strive to set our students up for success. Through identifying blocks or barriers as well as strengths and learning styles we teach students to understand how they work to promote life and learning success. Typically students are referred when experiencing challenges with:

  • attention and concentration
  • understanding and remembering what they see
  • sitting posture and getting their body to do what they want
  • getting their hands to do what they want for printing, cutting and manipulating small building toys or fasteners on clothing
  • coping with overstimulation experiencing the classroom and other environments as too loud, too bright, and too much


  • help you do what you want to do
  • teach you how to use your strengths (which you already have) to create bridges over barriers so you can get back on your way to success