Programs & Services: Chatham-Kent

Programs & Services: Chatham-Kent

Private Care Services

Private Care Services

Extra support for you or a loved one


Maintaining Independence as we age is important to us all. Sometimes remaining active in our homes means needing that extra one-on-one support to live independently










At VON we deliver more than health care, we bring peace of mind. That means that when extra care is needed we are there. our trained staff of nurses, personal support workers and other support professionals are available to make up the difference between what is provided and what you need.

Working closely with you and your team of health care professionals VON offers nursing, Personal Care and other valuable services tailored to individual needs and budgets. VON is here to help seniors manage their lives and retain their independence.

Call 1-855-285-2990 Option 4 if you would like to know more about VON Private care services and we will take the time to understand your needs and explain how we can help.

Visiting Nursing

The VON nurse works together with clients, caregivers and health care professionals to assess the individual's health care needs and develop a personal plan of care to meet those needs. Visiting nurses provide service in wound care, diabetes management, medication management, health education and so much more.

Shift Nursing

VON Shift Nursing Services provide nurses in 4-12 hour shifts to enable individuals to be cared for in the comfort of their own home. VON shift nursing services can be purchased privately or may be funded through insurance or government sources if eligible.

Personal Support Services

VON Personal Support Services are provided by trained and certified Personal Support Workers (PSW) enhancing an individual’s quality of life by providing assistance with personal care and support needed to make them comfortable in their own home. This service also provides an opportunity for people to remain in their home longer.

Respite Care

Respite Care provides the break that caregivers need by allowing someone else to temporarily take over some of their caregiving duties. Used on a regular basis, Respite Care helps prevent caregiver burnout by relieving some of the caregiver’s workload and stress.

Foot Care Services

VON Nurses provide assessment, care and advice for clients including the elderly and people with diabetes, who have particular problems looking after their feet.

Occupational Therapy (Sarnia Lambton only)

Our Occupational Therapists (OT's) create bridges over barriers so that our clients can do what they need and want to do to optimize quality of life.

These services include home safety assessments and prescriptions for mobility aids such as walkers, manual/power wheelchair, scooter etc, and applications for the Assistive Devices Program 

For children we offer assessment/treatment/consultation for students experiencing challenges with the academic setting to support optimal success.  Our goal is to identify student blocks and strengths to help overcome challenges and set students up for lifelong success. The following skills for learning are assessed – postural strength, focusing/attending skills, sensory processing as well as visual perception, visual motor integration and motor coordination as it relates to academic performance.


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